Alfie and Floz

This is Alfie — our Sprocker — being held tight by Floz (aged 10), my youngest daughter.

The picture was taken eight years ago; it’s hard to remember him as a puppy. He was chosen by Floz because his sister, who we’d initially thought was the right puppy for the family, had been sold and when Floz went back to see the puppies again, he had an affinity with her and they immediately fell in love.

To say it was the best decision we ever made is an understatement. At the time, we did have another dog — Fidget (RIP) — but as a Jack Russell, she was more like a cat: independent, carefree and not that interested in humans. “Fck you”, more like.

Alfie’s very different. He’s energetic, charming and a bundle of joy, even though age is beginning to ingest itself across his body.

(You can tell I’ve got a soft spot for him.)

I don’t know what it is with humans and dogs but it’s our one true connection to the higher realm of consciousness. Oh sure, it’s all been said before but dogs accept us for who we are and never judge. In Alfie’s case, all he needs is a long walk, food and lots of cuddles. After that he simply sleeps and follows us around the house.

I know that I’ll be lost and very upset when he finally goes but he’ll have had the very best life possible.

Love you buddy.




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Julian Summerhayes

Julian Summerhayes


“If you are unable to find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?” ― Dogen