Good morning Perry from a quiet and peaceful Devon where (thank goodness) I'm still working from home. I haven't yet read the rest of the piece -- I will, of course -- but I wanted to stop at this sentence to record (if I may...) a few thoughts: a) I've been at this work 'gig' for over 40 years (my first job, aged 13 was at Pontins Holiday Camp in Paignton). I've moved about a lot and flexed my muscles where possible but, and perhaps it's a sectoral thing, work hasn't changed. (Why would it?). It's still the same sandbox albeit that technology has crept in from every angle to supposedly make our lives better -- the jury is still out; b) the workplace leaves a lot to be desired for its brutalisation of the soul -- perhaps it will always be that way and we have to accept the trade-off between security and (inter alia) spontaneity; and c) I'm not sure there's an evenness save that the Bosses still talk the same, walk the same and read the same dull management books. Sorry my friend, these comments aren't aimed at you or your post but rather a reflection of my time in the trenches. Ju

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