Nothing changes, everything changes

I’m trying to get a handle on how we’ve arrived at such a parlous position in our anthropocentric history.

But it’s obvious.

We’ve made it this way.

Year upon year.

And yet, there’s always this sense that we might undo our past mistakes.

Trouble is, we’re so far down the rabbit hole, it’s difficult to see how you undo (say) 200 years of world exploitation (to the detriment of the planet) and still save humanity.

Of course, there’s plenty of cheerleading, net-zero exhortation and a new movement trying to point out the oh-so-bleeding-obvious but it won’t work. It simply won’t work because of the way we’re hard-wired to believe in our god-like status; namely, if we want it, we can have it.

But as the rubric signifies, even though nothing is or will change apropos the mess we’ve created, everything else will keep on changing: the weather, our ageing, decay and death.

Does that help?

I’m not sure.

ecological pessimist — influenced by Zapffe, Benatar, Thacker